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Why Dry Clean our Clothes

Why Dry Clean our Clothes

Dry cleaning is one of the two alternatives in cleaning clothes. Some clothes which are too detailed and made of delicate fabrics are better subjected to dry cleaning than traditional laundry washing. In addition, there are a number of benefits that dry cleaning can provide.

One benefit of dry cleaning is the convenience. We bring the clothes to the dry cleaning shop. We leave and return when the clothes are already done. Thus you will no longer need to spend time in the wash and laundry area to have your clothes cleaned. Then after washing you will need to iron the clothes to remove wrinkles. Professional dry cleaning services not only wash you clothes but they also provide ironing services, so you will have more time to do other important things than washing your clothes.

At the professional dry cleaning shop, they may use the most modern cleaning methods that will not only clean your clothes but will safeguard them from possible shrinkage or color loss. After the dry cleaning process, clothes are then pressed using a special equipment to make them crisp and wrinkle-free.

Sometimes when we manually or machine wash clothes, some buttons on clothes tend to become loosened. Due to our hectic schedules, these buttons are left unattended to. When we bring our clothes to professional dry cleaning companies, these buttons are sewed or replaced.

mesa dry cleaners
mesa dry cleaners

Dry Cleaning Processes
The process of dry cleaning involves the use of special cleaners and solutions that melt away stains and dirt from clothes. In traditional washing, water alone cannot remove some stains like oil and grease that can easily be removed with dry cleaning solvents. In addition, fibers made with natural fibers such as silk and wool may shrink in water but not with dry cleaning solutions. Polyesters and other synthetic fibers too can respond well to dry cleaning without getting damaged. Professional dry cleaners, in addition have a vast knowledge on different fabrics, common and not so common ones. They need to know how these fabrics are properly handled and cleaned to avoid any mishaps on fabrics.

Clothes are not only good for clothes but also for other items in the house which are textile-made. If you have such items that need washing and if you don’t want to be bothered with them, you can always bring them to dry cleaning shops. Just as cleaners expertly dry clean your clothes, so they will with blankets, pillows, comforters, rugs, draperies and others.

Before the actual dry cleaning, your items will be inspected thoroughly to check for any existing damages to prevent any conflict when you claim the dry cleaned stuffs. Conversely, inspection also happens after the dry cleaning and before the items are given back to you.

Some dry cleaners not only provide dry cleaning, they also offer other services like clothes and gown preservation. Wedding gowns, dress suits and costumes that you use at one time need to be cleaned first before they are stored away in cabinets. Yet dry cleaning may not be enough so the clothes are further subjected to some preservation techniques to stay in fine condition, texture and color. The items are even placed in special boxes to preserve their good looks.

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